Restaurant "Hamburg" is the right place for gathering relatives and friends. It is a warm, friendly place where you can enjoy a wedding celebration with an accommodation capacity of up to 250 people.

Restaurant "Hamburg" meets all requirements of luxurious interior, modern style, parking, price, modern cuisine, light effects, beautiful decorations.

Waiters, chefs and other staff are very friendly. All the attention is focused on the wishes of the clients we approach individually.

The room is air-conditioned with a central climate that equally cools all parts of the store. All of your guests will be satisfied and will feel comfortable.

Every celebration we organize adapts to your wishes and needs. You choose your own menu. We offer you several types of universal menus, but we are open for all your wishes and suggestions. There is a great choice of quality food, from cold snacks, to ready-made meals and grilled dishes. The menu is fully integrated with the concept of the celebration you are organizing. The food that is served is always fresh and quality.

With a rich diet, of course, you need to make a toast. A large selection of original non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will make you enjoy your meal.

A cozy atmosphere will also contribute to the chairs for your chairs, if you decide for them. There is also the possibility of organizing colorful balloon arrangements as well as the "candle light" atmosphere.

All of your guests have secured parking spaces, which is a great thing when organizing celebrations in our country. Choose an ambience where you will capture beautiful moments in photos or near the pool by the sunset, or in the green lawn next to the chestnuts.

In order for your guests to be relaxed and happy, we can provide a relaxing room for small children and babies. There is also the possibility of accommodating your guests under very favorable conditions, while for a newlyweds after an exciting day, free night is provided in the stackable Jacuzzi bath.

Your guests will be impressed with the superb experience and believe it, for a long time to persuade him. Your celebration will be special and different from others because we plan every event with special care. In "Hamburg" you are guaranteed this with the help of a team of professionals who give their maximum.

For all arrangements, you can contact by phone at the number 026/618 887 or come personally. Check out the restaurant "Hamburg" at: www.hamburgrestoran.rs